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KGC Weather Station

The link below will open the main webpage that displays weather data from our weather station at KGC.

Kent Gliding Club Weather Station

Most of the data on the pages is updated every 20 minutes but the weather gauges display, see link below is updated every 15 seconds

Kent Gliding Club Weather Gauges

This page is also available directly from the menus.

Many thanks go to Tim for setting up the weather station and the online weather pages.


Free Lasham Forecasts

We recommend that you sign up for the excellent cross country weather forecasts from Lasham. These arrive by email during the season (April to October) and provide a good basis for the weather in the South of the UK and often further afield. Obviously you need to bear in mind the microclimate we have here in Kent, sea breeze fronts etc.

Lasham Weather

Here are some other useful weather links:


Norwegian Weather site with Charing details

XCWeather site

Charing Weather Station

Surface pressure forecasts

Weather links for aviators


Flying Weather



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