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The Robbie Judd Fund

The Committee of the Kent Gliding Club has recently made some changes to the way this fund is run so it is a good time to tell members more about it.
Robbie was a member of the club from the late 1960's until his death in 1993 following surgery. He was an able soaring pilot but sadly suffered from a minor speech and hearing disability which made the idea of landing out rather difficult for him. He had shares in various aircraft over this time, flying a Skylark 2, a Dart 17, an ASW 15 and an ASW 20. When he died he had plans to buy a share in a new Nimbus 3D and having a 2 seater would have given him the chance to do great cross country flights. He regularly crewed for Ron Cousins at competitions, often 3 times a season. His other great skill was woodwork and there are examples of his work around the club, notably the trophy cabinet. Sadly he died as a result of a medical accident which was a great loss to all of us at the club.
To remember him the Robbie Judd Fund was established. At present the fund has £3832.27. This money is quite separate from a sum of about £10,000 which Robbie's mother very generously left to the club in about 2000 as set out separately in the accounts.
The Committee have now appointed 3 people who knew him well to act as trustees of the fund. These are Tony Moulang, Chris Weston and Colin Beer. The money is held in a separate account and if anyone is welcome to make a contribution. Contributions to the fund include a donation from the bike club the occasionally use the field and donations from pilots of visiting aircraft who may land on our field.
If any member has any suggestions how monies in this fund could be used to help the club please speak to one of the trustees. It won't fund a deposit for a club Arcus! It is small things that could make a difference, like a new instrument, that the fund may be able to help with.

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