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2012 Summer Expedition to Shenington


2012 Summer Expedition to Shenington Gliding Club in the Cotswolds
The 8 day expedition to Shenington during August was considered a great success. This enabled participants to avoid the Olympic airspace restrictions in Kent and experience gliding in an area of the Country with minimal airspace restrictions..
13 members attended accompanied by 7 gliders.
The soaring conditions encountered enabled some personal achievements including:
  • 300Km by Peter Mather, George Darby & Colin Beer.
  • 1st 100KM by Gen Francis
  • Fast 100Km by Peter Mather & Ian Russell (Cross Country Diploma)
  • Cross Country Endorsement flights by Cliff Wilson.

See Photo Gallery for associated photographs.

The relaxed and friendly welcome extended by members of Shennington may well encourage another trip to this club next year. 
See "news items" for further details of this expedition.
Thermalling over Shenington

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