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Cross Country Club Ladder

Club Cross Country Ladder
All cross country flights and gains of height over 5000ft (3000ft for Silver League) by club members can be entered on the club ladder.
There are three ladders
Silver C           for pilots without a Silver C on Oct 1st each year
League 2         For pilots without a 300km distance badge
League 1         For all other pilots
There are Trophies awarded for each category each year at the annual Dinner. There are a total of about 15 Trophies awarded each year for flying achievement.
Submit all your flights to Tony Moulang or on the forms next to the Cross Country Board in the club house.
Basic Rules

  • Your 4 best flights will be used, but submit as many as you like.
  • Minimum distance is 50km for League 1 and 2, and 10Km for Silver League
  • Pre declared flights get more points than undeclared
  • Only 2 Flights can be from other sites
  • Only 2 Flights can be from abroad

There are other rules about start heights and turning points so talk to an Instructor before you fly.
If you are going to declare the flight, you only need to give the following.

  • Task details
  • Pilot name
  • Date
  • Instructor witness signature

But remember if the flight is a badge attempt a full declaration is needed signed by an Official Observer.
The scoring is a modified version of the National Ladder Rules so using the National Ladder Calculator and sending the results of that to me, make life easy.
If you have any queries talk to Tony Moulang or another instructor.

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