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Bronze Badge

Bronze Endorsement
The minimum age to qualify for the Bronze Badge is 16.
Minimum Experience:
(a) Completion of the training syllabus, and
(b) 50 solo flights in a glider or 20 solo flights and 10 hours flight time (a mix of dual and solo flying) in a glider. Subject to specific agreement on an individual basis by the BGA, the 10 hours may be reduced by 50% for applicants with prior relevant experience.
General skills test:
A minimum of three flights in a dual controlled glider with a BGA Full Rated Instructor who will be satisfied during the BGA Bronze Badge General Skills Test that the candidate has the ability to operate the glider within its limitations, complete all manoeuvres with smoothness and accuracy, exercise good judgement and airmanship, maintain effective lookout, and maintain control of the glider at all times in a manner such that the successful outcome of a procedure or a manoeuvre is never seriously in doubt.
During the test, the candidate must demonstrate an appropriate level of practical skill and knowledge associated with the following:
(a) Pre-flight operations including glider assembly and inspection
(b) Techniques and procedures for the launching method(s) used, including appropriate airspeed limitations, emergency procedures and signals used
(c) Circuit flying, collision avoidance precautions and procedures
(d) Normal and crosswind approach and landing
(e) Control of the glider by external visual reference
(f) Understanding and recognition of the symptoms of the stall, stall with wing drop and full spin. followed by the correct recovery
(g) Satisfactory recovery from at least two launch failures or simulated launch failures
(h) Demonstration that they can obtain and interpret airspace, NOTAM and weather information appropriate for a soaring flight.
Theoretical Knowledge Test:
The candidate must pass the BGA Bronze Badge Theoretical Knowledge Test.
The flying and ground tests must all be completed within the 24 months prior to the application.
See and link to "resources" for:
     - bronze syllabus
     - bronze theoretical knowledge study guide
     - navigation test guidance
     - bronze application forms
See also which is an interactive website allowing you to practice questions/answers which are used in the bronze exam. It is more user friendly than the Confuser below (and does not include so many errors!) 

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