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Kent Vintage Glider Group

Vintage Flying at Kent Gliding ClubThe Kent Vintage Glider Group (or KVGG for short) is a syndicate of Kent Gliding Club members who own a fleet of pristine vintage British gliders. Its origins go back to the early 1990s and it is affiliated to the International Vintage Glider Club. The photo left was taken at a National Vintage Rally held at Challock in 2006, the aircraft are still operational.

Currently eight adult and two junior members (supported by about 30 associate members within Kent GC) have access to a wonderful four aircraft fleet of an Olympia 2b, a Skylark 3, a Prefect and an Olympia 463, the latter arguably one of the most graceful wooden gliders ever built. Apart from regularly flying them at Challock, KVGG members take the fleet to national and other vintage rallies in the UK and abroad.

Our Olympia 2b (BBH) below frequently wins rally prizes for being the vintage glider most pilots would love to own/fly. 

                                      Olympia 2b

KVGG Oly 463 (BWE) below at Nympsfield in May 2011, built in the early 1960s can hold its own against many modern Standard class gliders with a glide ratio approaching 1:35 and exceptional thermalling ability.

                                       KVGG Olympia 463

KVGG members also fly modern glass ships, and are a fun loving highly experienced bunch of pilots with a total of 12 000 gliding hours and a cluster of Diamonds between them.

                                                   Relaxing after a hard day's vintage flying at Camphill 2011


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