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Community Flying At Kent Gliding Club

Kent Gliding Club runs a Community Flying programme during the weeks from April to September each year.

Its aim is to provide flying opportunities to all, but in particular to disabled and disadvantaged people in Kent and beyond.

One of our K21s has been modified with a removable hand operated rudder control: this enables students and passengers with restricted or no ability in their lower limbs to operate the rudder

Here's a video that includes some interviews with some young people who have just taken a flight as part of the high flight program.

Community Flying at Kent Gliding Club

Community Flying is heavily supported by High Flight, a charity set up several years ago by Stratton Richey, a British Airways Captain. Much of its funding comes from donations by BA flight and cabin crew. High Flight has helped over 3,000 young people to experience gliding (at a number of clubs), some of whom are terminally or permanently ill, while others come from an area from which they would not normally be able to experience a day gliding and the teamwork that this requires.
Community Flying at Kent Gliding Club

The administrator of the Community Flying programme at the Club can be contacted initially via the Club's email address:

Community Flying

A typical Community Flying 'Day' involves up to six youngsters and their carers arriving for either a morning or afternoon flying session. After a full safety briefing from a senior instructor, the group makes its way out to the launch point where modern two seat gliders and a team of volunteer Kent GC members will be waiting for them. Generally, all the group will enjoy an aerotow followed by a winch launch, or vice versa.

Community FlyingCommunity Flying

Sportability UK said in March 2012:

"We are delighted to announce that John Lutkin and his team at Kent Gliding Club at Challock, near Ashford are preparing another season of airborne adventure for us.
With a fleet of three ASK21 elegant, two seater gliders, they are offering us "the fascination of silent flight." The views above the Weald of Kent are absolutely stunning, and they claim that on a clear day you can see from Southend to the Coast of France
The flights use a winch tow, which reels in a cable, taking the glider along the runway and then up!!!"
A Sportability group of eight had great flights at Challock on 21 May 2012. Here one of them is being helped into the front cockpit of a club K21 :

Community Flying

See News & Events - Club Flying News (September 2012) for news of activities completed under current programme

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