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Our Fleet

The Piper Pawnee and an ASK 21 
Releasing for another training flight
Three ASK 21s
These are modern glass fibre two seat aircraft. The student or passenger sits in the front cockpit (with a great view), the instructor behind in this tandem layout. 
K21 landing
The flying controls are fully duplicated. These K21s are used for initial training and passenger flying but are also capable of most aerobatic manoeuvres. K21s have a glide ratio of 1:35 and are also used for cross-country training and other soaring flights.
One of the K21s can be modified with a removable hand operated rudder control: this enables students and passengers with restricted or no ability in their lower limbs to operate the rudder.
Course Flying
The Puchacz
This is a two seater aircraft, again with tandem layout and fully duplicated controls. It is used for advanced training exercises (and occasionally passenger flying). It is fully aerobatic and is used on our dedicated courses in this area which we run twice a year.
Puchasz being winch launched in the snow
Flying from Challock
Two Juniors
These single seaters are used by early solo pilots to soar locally but are also capable of being used on cross country flight for the BGA's Bronze and Silver badges.
The Piper Pawnee
The 'Rolls Royce' of tugs with a 235 hp engine capable of towing the heaviest modern gliders out of Challock and retrieving them from other airfields and fields if they land out. When it's being serviced we have access to a Robin Regent with a 180hp engine.
Tug aircraft landing
Privately owned Robin DR 400/180
Privately owned tug, a Robin DR400/180
                                           A flying visitor at Kent Gliding Club

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