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Flying Instruction Testimonials

Trial Lesson September 2013

Ray Nash writes:         I just wanted to thank you for your help in arranging my trial lesson on 4th September.

I had a fantastic afternoon at the club, everybody was really friendly and while I was soaring the club members looked after my wife even making sure she did not get sunburnt in the hot sunshine.

My "co-pilot" and I had a great flight, lots of thermals, and must have stayed airborne for a good half hour, eventually making a point of landing otherwise we would have stayed up all afternoon.

We liked the club very much, it has a nice, comfortable, old school feel about it which makes it inviting and welcoming, we arrived at lunch time and everybody was sitting around relaxing eating their cooked lunch, fantastic, it reminded us of Biggin Hill back in the day when pilots used to sit around waiting for the call to come in, not that we were around at the time.

There was even one chap who had an old MG, I think, and a labrador dog, brilliant.

It was an afternoon to remember & I will definitely be visiting you again, just don't change anything.

Thanks again

Ray Nash


The Faversham Camera Club participated in a Flying Evening on Saturday 11 August 2012. Here is what they had to say (further pictures can be found in the photo gallery):

Mike Buckland helped as the second instructor and I had a really good flight with him, he told me to put my camera away and that I was flying the glider, I was amazed at how sensitive it was on the controls.
This was a very good evening, everyone had a fabulous time and said how welcoming and friendly everybody was at the club, the atmosphere was brilliant and highly recommended.
Faversham Camera Club Flying Evening

Barbara took a Day Course with us in early May 2012:

"My day gliding was a birthday present from my family.  Everyone at the Club was very friendly and the pre-flight and flight instruction was excellent.  I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every moment."

She is sitting in the K21 with Mike Moulang, the Course Instructor.
Barbara, a Day Course student
Paul G had his first glider flights with us in early May:
"I really didn't know what to expect before I arrived and was pleasantly surprised at the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the way that everyone helps out with moving the aircraft and launching. The members I met on the day certainly didn't lack enthusiasm and were extremely encouraging, before I knew it I was doing things with the glider that I really wasn't expecting to after only a three or four launches. Whenever I talk about the day I can't recommend gliding enough. It is something that I would definitely do again and if funds ever become available, something I may consider pursuing further.
Thanks for a great day."
Joyce flew with a Sportability group in May 2012
Joyce flew with a Sportability group                                                                                           
" I had a great day and many many thanks to all involved and especially George my pilot."
Joyce with George after a flight
Paul took a Half Day course in May, he hasn't stopped gliding since. This is what he had to say:
"Having been given a gift of a Half Day Trial Lesson at Kent Gliding Club the day finally dawned when I would get to experience gliding with a fully qualified instructor. I started the day very nervously and finished the lesson grinning from ear to ear! 
Paul before his first flight with the CFI
It was the most fantastic experience with two superb flights............ one with a winch launch and the other from an aero tow. My instructor was  clearly determined that I would enjoy the experience and did everything you might have wished for in generating confidence and demonstrating the joy that could be had from soaring above the Kent countryside. 
Paul on his first aerotow in the K21 behind the Robin
Whatever reservations anybody might have about trying gliding I can only say that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had. Helped in no small part by the genuinely very friendly and welcoming atmosphere from everybody my wife and I met at the Kent Gliding Club on the day. I am hooked and have been back for a number of flights since!"
The Kings Society from Canterbury booked a Flying Evening on May 31st:
"We all had a fantastic time on Thursday evening and many, many thanks to you and all the team for making this possible for us. What wonderful club spirit that so many turn out to help.  I am sorry but I don’t know all the names, except for Richard and then Les that took me up gliding and James who took Alastair up – he was absolutely thrilled to loop the loop!  Just a shame that I did not see that!  I certainly have never before seen a certain member of our King’s Society so animated – someone who normally does not talk very much at all.  The event was a huge success and you will find some of our group will be in touch with you again.
Alastair is keen join the club and would like a membership form please."
Kings Society Flying Evening


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