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Safety on the Airfield

Gliding is a very safe sport, however safety and security are paramount for all on the airfield.

There are a lot of moving objects on the ground and in the air, so please follow these instructions:

                                     Flying in Kent

Safety on the ground:

Visitors arriving at the airfield should be aware of the following safety points:

- Do not take your vehicle or go onto the airfield without obtaining permision and directions from a club member.

- Always keep a good lookout for gliders and other aircraft as they can land from any direction. Glides are almost silent!

- Never approach an aircraft from the front. They may move forward without warning and propellers on powered aircraft can be lethal.

- Never stand infront of a glider that is ready to launch.

- Keep well clear of cables on the field. Winch cables used for launching gliders can move quickly without warning and, following a launch, will fall to the ground.

- Children are very welcome but must be supervised at all times.

- Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

- Take care when near parked gliders as someone may decide to lower the wing just as you decide to walk beneath!


Visitors for a trial lesson:

  • After parking your car, please make your way to the Office in the Clubhouse, left.
  • There you will be introduced to a member of the Club who will provide some initial information before meeting the instructor who will fly with you. This might be at the launch point to which you will be taken.


                                   Pawnee landing after aerotow flight

Safety in the air:

On trial lessons, as with all flying, safety is a top priority. The club does all it can to minimise risks and you can help us:

- Your instructor will show you how to safely get into and out of the glider, and what or not to touch.

- The gliding community all wear parachutes. You will be shown how these are put on used.

- Keep a good lookout for other gliders and aircraft when in the air. Your instructor will be keeping a good lookout, but you can help with this.

- You will be strapped into the aircraft. Make sure they are comfortable and tight before takeoff.

- In the air your instructor will show you which controls you can use and will explain the procedure for describing who is operating the controls at any one time.

- If you have any questions either before or during the flight plesae ask your instructor.

   The tug returns to the flying launch point                                 



                                          One of our canine members


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