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PPL to Gliding Conversion

Many glider pilots also hold a power licence (PPL, NPPL etc) and combine both sports, at Challock this is true of about a quarter of our members. Power pilots, for a number of reasons, also convert to gliding, indeed about five have done so in the last couple of years and are on their way to becoming successful soaring pilots.

At Kent Gliding Club we are very flexible and focused on individual requirements. If you are a power pilot who would like to try gliding, why not give Julie in the Office a ring - 01233 740274 - and she'll put you in touch with one of our instructors. You may wish to come to Challock and chat to members who have converted and have a look around.

We have put together a specialist programme for power pilots who want to convert and can, for the right candidate, complete this in one day, weather permitting of course!

Generally, you will begin with aerotow launches, and depending on ability, should be able to solo after a small number of flights. You will then move on to winch launches. Some of the differences you will notice compared to flying in a light aircraft (apart from the launch method) include the slower roll rate in a glider (longer wings), the need to be more sensitive about the use of the rudder and the fact that there is no chance of a go-around from a final approach! Power pilots who have converted generally find that their skills have also improved when flying light aircraft.

We have 20 members who are also Tug pilots, they fly the Pawnee on a rota.

Flying the Tug

There are a small and restricted number of motor gliders based at Challock including the recently arrived Stemme S6 below which has very sound soaring and gliding abilities with the engine switched off.

Flying with an engine at Challock

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