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Flying Evenings

What is a Flying Evening?

Take OffA Flying Evening is when a group of friends get together to try their hand at flying gliders and at the Kent Gliding Club we specialise in them. There are very few things that can compare with the gentle and graceful sensation of floating high above the Kent countryside. A Flying Evening allows you to experience the pleasure of flying like a bird.

Who Can Do It?

Almost anybody. There are very few limitations. If you can drive a car (and even if you can’t) you can fly a glider. We are able to cater for most people and we particularly welcome disabled groups and community groups.

Canterbury Rotarians Flying Evening

How Is It Organised?

We can run Flying Evenings for groups numbering from 5 to 25. You just need to get a group of like-minded friends together and give us a call. We will arrange a date with you and you can leave the rest to us.

Summer Flying Evening


How Does It all Work?

On arrival at the Club you will be greeted by the Instructor in charge of your Flying Evening. He and the other Instructors, who will fly with you, will give you a full briefing over a cup of tea and explain how your glider works. You will then be taken down to the launch point (below) and each of you will be flown in turn.



At the launch point

What Is The Flight Like?

With your Instructor at the controls your glider will be towed up by our tug plane. At the top of the gentle climb the instructor will release the tow cable and you will begin to experience the magica of silently soaring below the clouds.

Pawnee tug towing a K21

On clear day, with a patchwork of fields below, you can see Southend and the coast of France in one 360° turn. With a series of gentle turns you will be shown how the controls work and, if you want to, you will be able to fly the glider.

K21 with Flying Evening passenger

The K21 landing during a Flying Evening

At the end of the flight your Instructor will bring the glider back to the airfield and gently land at the launch point.

How Long Will The Flights Last?

This will vary with the weather. On a summer’s evening an aerotow flight can last up to 15 minutes and a winch launch up to 5 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Less than you might imagine. The price varies with the type of launch and how many take part, please contact the office on 01233 740274 or email so that we can discuss the options with you.

Do We Get Anything Other Than The Flight?

We also have a comfortable Clubhouse and we are more than happy to open the bar for you so that you can follow your Flying Evening with a relaxing drink. Our Club Caterer can also prepare dinner so you can make the whole event into a night to remember.

What Happens If the Weather is Poor?

We check the weather regularly using a satellite display. If the Instructor in charge feels the weather is too poor to fly we will contact you to re-book for another day. If the cloud base is too low for aerotows then we can give you a series of winch launches rather than cancel your evening.

What’s The Next Step?

If you want to organise a Flying Evening call us on: 01233 740274. Tell us how many are in your party and when you want to fly. Flying Evenings can be organised on any evening Saturdays and Sundays included.  As it is not always possible to offer you the date you prefer, it is a good idea to have more than one date in mind.

Why A Flying Evening?

Flying Evenings are a great way to enjoy yourself in the company of friends and colleagues alike. At Kent Gliding Club we have organised Flying Evenings for Clubs and Societies as well as Social Groups. We are also happy to hold events for Disability Groups. If you belong to such a group and you are unsure if a Flying Evening will work for you why not call us and we can give you the expert advice you may need.

Flying Evenings also make excellent Corporate Events. A Flying Evening is a wonderfully informal promotional event for customers and with our catering and bar it can be turned into something to be remembered. Flying Evenings also make a great event for a departmental get together or as the finale to a sales meeting or a training session.

Kings Society Flying Evening May 2012

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