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In line with government advice general aviation including gliding has been allowed to resume provided relevant Covid 19 safety measures are applied. As a result, solo only gliding resumed at Kent Gliding Club on 16th May 2020. There are special conditions and note should be taken of all communications issued by the CFI and the club committee regarding flying and Covid 19 related safety information.  While at the club it is essential that you follow all government Covid 19 advice including social distancing and any instructions or special precautions issued by the CFI or committee and as advised by the Instructor in charge and/or Ground Controller. The bar and cafe are closed until further notice. The club and airfield remain closed to members of the public.



15,16,22 February 2020

Bronze Ground School

16-20 March 2020

Ab-initio Week SUSPENDED

23-27 March 2020

Post Solo Development Week


25 April to 2 May 2020

Portmoak Expedition


11-19 July 2020

Sutton Bank Expedition contact Stefan Bort if interested 

1-9 August 2020

Shenington Expedition

22-30 August 2020

Cross Country Week

26-4 October 2020

Aboyne Expedition

5-9 October 2020

Post Solo Development Week



Airfield radio frequency and operational changes from 1st June 2019

On the 1st June our field frequency will change from 129.98 to 118.685.  This change is necessary as there is considerable congestion on 129.98.  Parham, Ringmer, Tibenham, and Wormingford will continue to use 129.98.

Use of commercial band radios

The use of commercial band radios between ‘Challock Base’ and winch will be discontinued from 1st June.  The fixed commercial band radio rigs in the log cabin and office will continue to be used for communication between the log cabin and the office to announce the arrival of trial lesson customers. 

‘Airband’ radios have now been fitted in the log cabin and the winch.  Communication between gliders in circuit, launch point, winch, and tug will be conducted using airband radios on 118.685. 

Logging winch launches at weekends by winch driver

This practice will end on 1st June to keep radio chatter to a minimum.  Please only call the winch prior to a launch if a glider other than a K21 is to be launched (unless K21 is being flown solo).

Motor Glider Pilots

Please ensure you conduct your warm up checks before taxing to the launch point.  Whilst taxing, make sure you look for gliders on downwind and approach.  If no winch or aerotow is about to take place, take off immediately if is safe to do so.  Do not ask the launch point to carry out an ‘all clear above and behind’ check and do not request permission to take off.  If you are uncertain whether it is ‘all clear above and behind’ conduct a 360° turn to check for approaching aircraft.


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