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George Keates first solo in April

Saturday, 17 June, 2017

Congratulations to Gearge on this significant achievement.

"I had been obsessed with planes since I can remember. Someone once recommended trying gliding and I jumped on the idea. I had my first flight in 2015 on a winch with a pleasant 25 minute flight. I was instantly hooked. An issue I encountered was having time to get to the field and spend a day at the use of my parents time and a longish drive. This meant I didn't make as much progress in the summer time as I could only make it to the field every two or three weeks, sometimes months. This would mean that everything I had learnt from the last flights I would have forgotten. However, I arranged a method where I could be dropped off in the morning, and picked up in the afternoon. This meant I could go gliding most weekends. This proved hugely beneficial and definently proves that the best way to learn is in a shorter space of time, with as few gaps as possible.

During the winter months it would become quite tiring leaving the house in the dark and going home in the dark. It also became very cold and flying time was fairly small. However the decision to continue flying and turning up, however cold and being at the club as often as possible certainly paid off, as slightly easier flying conditions and not having a long break got me to a good position at the beginning of this season. Circuits took some time to be at a confortable stage, however after many tips from different instructors, it finally clicked. I feel that the continued flying during the winter buily up my confidence and put me in abetter position. I then booked three day courses during the easter holidays. I was put onto launch failures and little did I know that I would go solo at the end of the first day. It was a wonderful feeling that has boosted my confidence and determination to improve and progress. To anyone stuck on a particular part of training all I would say is keep going at it, as it will eventually click."


George and instructor Peter carpenter following his solo

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