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Tuesday, 26 February, 2019

About 45 yrs ago, a tearful teenager wrote an emotional letter home from the South African Air Force flying training base, to his mum, explaining that his eyesight had let him down, and that his dream of training as a pilot had ended almost as soon as it had started. Devastated, he wrote telling her that he was determined to fly ‘one day’. However life went on in totally different directions, as it usually does, and over the years, the closest he got to ‘flying’ was a period in the 80s/90s of parasailing and skydiving. But today was the day that he fulfilled his promise and commitment to himself and his mum.
It may ‘only’ be a glider, as opposed to a military jet, but today I reached the point in my glider pilot training which started a few months ago, where I was allowed to go solo! Amazing experience and yes, 45 yrs on, different emotions, but emotional nonetheless!

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