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Cross Country Endorsement

The Cross Country Endorsement can only be issued if the applicant has already qualified for and applied for a Bronze Endorsement and has the approval of the CFI.
Soaring Flights:
The candidate must complete a soaring flight of at least one hour in duration after release and a separate flight of at least two hours in duration after release. Each soaring flight must be under the supervision of a BGA instructor or Official Observer, who must complete and certify the report.
Field Selection Test:
The candidate must demonstrate satisfactorily his or her ability to select or reject fields as to their suitability for landing. This exercise must be undertaken from the air but can be flown in a glider, motor glider or light aircraft.
Field Landing Test (normally completed as part of the Field Selection Test):
The candidate must make a minimum of two successful approaches in a motor glider towards a field landing area selected by the candidate. The altimeter should be covered or the scale offset for this exercise. To qualify for the Endorsement, the approaches must be flown without any assistance or prompting from the instructor who must be satisfied that the candidate has demonstrated an adequate level of judgement and skill.
The candidate must demonstrate his ability to navigate, to the satisfaction of a Full Rated Instructor. The candidate must plan a triangular task of at least 100 km, giving due consideration for any airspace requirements and to appropriate aspects of airmanship. During a BGA Bronze Cross Country Endorsement Navigation Skills Test the candidate must demonstrate the ability to read an aeronautical chart, to relate features shown on it with those features as they appear from the air and to orientate the map with respect to ground features.
This exercise can be flown in a glider, motor glider or light aircraft and only sufficient of the planned 100 km task need be flown to convince the instructor of the candidate's ability to navigate.
The tests and soaring flights must all be completed within 12 months prior to the application.
See "Cross Country Flying" page of this website for further information on field selection and crop identification.

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